Summer Tryouts

Please fill out the following form to register your child for the EPIC Hoopz program.

  • Please list the school that your child currently attends.
  • PLEASE READ THIS DOCUMENT CAREFULLY. BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT, YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR AND YOUR MINOR CHILD’S/MINOR WARD’S LEGAL RIGHTS Release and Waiver of Liability I acknowledge that I am the parent/legal guardian of a minor whom I have listed in this form. I understand and acknowledge that there are certain risks involved in my child’s/ward’s participation in the sport of basketball. In consideration of Epic Youth Inc. permitting my child/ward to participate in its various programs, on behalf of myself, my child/ward, my estate, agents, representatives and those my child/ward, I hereby release and hold harmless Epic Youth Inc. and its directors from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, damages and lawsuits whatsoever for physical injuries or damages sustained by my child/ward or to myself as the result of his/her participation in the programs operated and provided by Epic Youth Inc. Included in this Release is liability for claims, demands, causes of action, damages and lawsuits for any and all injuries to my child/ward or to myself during the transportation of my child/ward to or from any and all of Epic Youth Inc.’s activities by any member, agent, volunteer, employee, officer or director of Epic Youth Inc. I waive any and all rights and claims that I or my child/ward may have against Epic Youth Inc. and its directors as the result of any such injury or damage. I HAVE READ THIS WAIVER OF LIABILITY IN ITS ENTIRETY; I FULLY UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS, AND I UNDERSTAND THAT I AM WAIVING AND HAVE GIVEN UP POTENTIAL SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS FOR MYSELF AND FOR MY MINOR CHILD/MINOR WARD BY SIGNING IT. I HAVE SIGNED THIS RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AS MY FREE AND VOLUNTARY ACT WITHOUT INDUCEMENT, PROMISE, GUARANTEE OR COERCION. I INTEND MY SIGNATURE HEREON TO BE A COMPLETE AND UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE OF ALL LIABILITY AND WAIVER OF ALL CLAIMS FOR LIABILITY ON BEHALF OF MY MINOR CHILD/MINOR WARD AND MYSELF AS HIS/HER PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN.