Growing Spiritually, Personally and Athletically


It is our objective to shape the youth into well rounded individuals. We believe that every student deserves to learn about Christ, receive encouragement and to be challenged to reach their maximum potential. It is essential to surround the youth with positive role models to achieve these goals.

“This will be our third year with Justin and staff! The growth that I have seen in my son over these years is beyond words! With the staffs hard work and consistency my son has become more focused, has a better understanding of the game and is executing what he has learned during practice in the game and has  confidence has grown on and off the court! Justin has never gave up on my son even when my son was lazy and didn’t want to perform. What I like about this program is it doesn’t stop during off season! This program cares about these kids all year round and maintains relationships year round! It is truly a family atmosphere and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!”

“My grandson eats sleeps and dreams basketball. He started playing at the centre at 5yrs old. At 11yrs old we heard about the Jr Hilltoppers feeder team and that is where we met Justin. Justin has shown and helped him learn the fundamentals and prepare him to play basketball in school. So when Justin told us about starting up his EPIC Hoopz team there was no question about it that we wanted our grandson to learn more. And anything that we could do to encourage his dream of playing in the NBA one day is what I feel working with Justin will help him accomplish.”

Empowering Youth to Raise Their Standards

EPIC Youth founder, Justin Anthony, has a strong belief in the potential of the Fox Valley youth. Unfortunately, this potential has been, in large part, unrealized and untapped. Working with the youth in school and athletics, the EPIC staff observed that the expectations given to the students and players were regularly met and often exceeded. Thus, the issue preventing the unveiled greatness is diminished standards. At the core, EPIC Youth is an organization to raise the bar for the youth. EPIC raises the standard through empowering our students: to learn their identity in Christ, attain higher education and excel in athletics.


New Christian-based Basketball Program in Elgin

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EPIC Hoopz Premier Basketball Program

EPIC Hoopz is the premier travel basketball program in the Fox Valley area. EPIC Hoopz is centered on giving players the opportunity to earn college scholarships. We pursue this goal by focusing on FUNDAMENTALS training and truly developing players’ skills and understanding of the game of basketball. EPIC uses the basketball training platform to teach discipline, hardwork, teamwork and fellowship.

The EPIC Hoopz program consists of:

  • Focused skill training
  • Basketball mentoring
  • College exposure tournaments
  • Speed & agility training
  • Team volunteer events
  • College tour